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It’s incredibly important to strike a balance in your life, whether it’s a balance between your work and personal life, or training your mind and body. At BPM Lab, we help Leeds residents do just this by offering classes and personal training that covers all bases, from strength and cardio to nutrition and mentality.


In this latter category we offer meditation courses, while our yoga classes are great for both the mind and body. Both are fantastic ways of dealing with stress, depression and anxiety – three things that are increasingly suffered by modern men and women around Leeds.

Meditation at BPM Lab in Leeds

We host regular classes by meditation experts who can help you learn how to clear your mind of worries and doubts, and gain complete mental clarity. There are different types of meditation, and not all teachers are trained in all forms, so it pays to research which type will best suit your needs and check to see if our classes correspond.


The most popular forms are Transcendental Meditation and Mindfulness. Transcendental Meditation involves the chanting of mantras, usually internally, and rising above negative thinking to reach a state of inner calmness. Mindfulness involves sitting cross legged, back straight and eyes closed, focusing on your breath. During this period, rather than clearing your mind entirely as in the case of Transcendental Meditation, you’re encouraged to let thoughts and ideas come to you in an attempt to understand the present, overcome negativity and learn how to live in a healthy and positive way.


Meditation is a life skill that many swear-by, but learning how to meditate effectively can take time and guidance. So consider trying out our classes, which are open to complete newcomers as well as those who have meditated for many years. You’ll find BPM Lab a welcoming and friendly place in which you can truly relax.

Yoga Courses & Classes for All Skill Levels

While meditation places the emphasis solely on the mind and cognitive development, yoga takes certain aspects of meditation and combines them with contortionism and physical exercise. As with meditation, there are many different styles of yoga, including:

• Anusara

• Ashtanga

• Bikram

• Hatha

• Iyengar

• Jivamukti

• Kripalu

• Kundalini

• Prenatal

• Restorative

• Sivananda

• Viniyoga

• Vinyasa

• Yin

Each type brings something different to the table, and to explain the ins and outs of every one would take a very long time indeed! But they also share many different characteristics. All forms of yoga, ultimately, involve moving your body into shapes which can improve blood flow and create a feeling of well-being or even euphoria.


We have a number of yoga instructors who each practice a specific form, so be sure to look up who is teaching and what their class offers. While yoga is seen as very “in vogue” and trendy, being increasingly popular among celebrities, know that it is an ancient practice that will help you relax and forget the stresses of daily life, while toning muscles and keeping your joints well-exercised.

All you need is Cardio, Strength, Balance and good Nutrition for Vitality in your life

It’s our belief that there’s little point training your mind while neglecting your body, and the same vice versa. So rather than spend all your time in busy Leeds gyms working circuits, or all your time attempting unguided meditation in your own home, why not strike a balance and visit BPM Lab? We’ll help you achieve personal goals and feel fantastic both on a mental and physical level!


BPM Lab now offers a series of online and offline services including courses. Please contact us on our usual numbers of ++44 7872 940 500 (Jenny) or ++44 7407 186 416 (Jon).

For more information about our highly effective, money back guaranteed neck and back pain treatments, call BPM Lab Leeds today on ++44 7872 940 500 or ++44 7407 186 416.

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