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Many Leeds residents carry out cardio training by themselves, on treadmills in mass market gyms. But a much more effective, enjoyable way to lose weight and keep your heart and lungs in great shape, is with spin classes at our Bike Lab. We can help you meet your goals and have fun while doing so! So rather than spend money on a gym membership that you might struggle to make the most out of, why not give us a go? We can also offer Cardio-focused personal training at our premises in Leeds city centre. This will provide you with the professional assistance you need to reach milestones and stay motivated on the way.

All you need is Cardio, Strength, Balance and good Nutrition for Vitality in your life

Our Bike Lab is a comfortable, modern space filled with top of the range exercise bikes that can be programmed to a setting that will suit your level of experience and ability. Each of our spin instructors has their own style which makes their class unique. We recommend new Leeds clients try out a few different classes to find one that works for them. Many of our regulars love all of them, and attend as many as they possibly can! With music playing and an instructor on hand to help motivate you, you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish at the BPM Bike Lab. In this respect we’re not like other Leeds gyms, we’re a boutique business that is helping redefine how people approach fitness.


If you’re new to spin classes and cardio work, or you’ve taken a while off, we can carry out a free “MOT” health check to see exactly where you stand when it comes to physical wellbeing (you won’t get this with your average gym membership). A friendly and qualified member of the BPM Lab team will check your blood pressure, heart beat, weight, fat and muscle composition, BMI and blood gases, before carrying out a cardiovascular and pulmonary analysis. While in the case of most Leeds gyms, you’re left to discover your cardio limitations via trial and error, this check-up will allow us to tailor our Bike Lab spin classes to your requirements.

Cardio-focused Personal Training in Leeds

But if you’d rather avoid group classes and work one-on-one with a personal training specialist, then this option is also available. By working closely with a qualified spin instructor, who will be intimately familiar with your personal goals and current limitations, you can really make a lot of progress very quickly. We’ll ensure you’re 100% comfortable, but push you onward to fulfil your potential. With cardio-focused personal training plans, tailored to you and you alone, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

90 Day Weight Loss Programme

One special package offered at the BPM Bike Lab is the 90 Day Weight Loss Programme. This involves:

• An “MOT” Health Check-up

• A 90 Day Fitness Programme

• Easy to Follow Nutrition & Diet Plans

• Personal Training & Support Throughout

• Educational & Training Videos

What’s more, we guarantee your money back if you don’t lose weight. At just £199 for the full three months, this is one of the most affordable and effective weight loss programmes you’ll find not just in Leeds, but at any gyms in the UK. You’ll find the combination of following healthy, tasty diet plans and exercising in a fun and friendly environment will do wonders for your waistline.


So why not come and work on cardio at the BPM Bike Lab? We offer a £10 first month trial, so you can see exactly what the fuss is about!


BPM Lab now offers a series of online and offline services including courses. Please contact us on our usual numbers of ++44 7872 940 500 (Jenny) or ++44 7407 186 416 (Jon).

For more information about the BPM Bike Lab in Leeds, or our personal training, call Jenny on ++44 7872 940 500 or Jon on ++44 7407 186 416.

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