Why Choose BPM Lab over a Standard Gym Membership in Leeds?

Many prospective members come to us curious about how we differ from traditional, mass market gyms around the Leeds area. The truth is, we’re not much like a standard gym membership at all. While the vast majority of gyms generally just let their users find their way around, solely providing them access to equipment and facilities, at BPM Lab we offer a more personal, boutique service. It’s our aim to help you accomplish your goals, via group spin classes, one on one personal training, back pain alleviation or weight loss courses, or even through the formation of nutrition-rich diet plans that help improve your energy level.


And also unlike most Leeds gyms, we branch out into areas including meditation and personal coaching, because we know that being physically healthy is only half the battle. It’s also important to be mentally healthy, a goal which can often be much harder to achieve in today’s high stress, technology-dominated environment. So while a gym membership might give you a canvas to work with, BPM Lab provides the paints, tools and guidance to get down exactly what you envision in your mind’s eye. Whether it’s getting rid of nagging back pain or losing weight and taking on board brand new diet plans, we’ll be with you every step of the way to offer support and encouragement.

Struggling to Lose Weight? BPM Lab Can Help…

But it’s not just gyms that we provide an innovative and viable alternative to, we also provide an alternative to fad diets. Many current members spent years trying to lose weight by seizing upon the latest celebrity endorsed diet, to limited effect. These diet plans often lack a balance and essential vitamins, and can lead to varying levels of malnutrition.


They’re an extreme solution to a problem that doesn’t need to difficult to solve. At BPM Lab, we believe that the correct balance of personal training (spin classes are great for weight loss), the formation of well-rounded, nourishing diet plans, and careful analysis of your personal needs and ongoing progress, are a much better than the impersonal and generic weight loss techniques encouraged by certain authors.


So ultimately, our way of doing things is very different to a standard gym membership. We’re a leading example of emerging boutique gyms, offering a personal service to Leeds members who come to us for help losing weight, building muscle, personal training for sporting events or dealing with neck / back pain. And unlike some institutions around the UK, our techniques are rooted in sports science and methodology that’s been proven to work.

So why bother with a mass market gym membership when you can get a £10 month trial at BPM Lab in Leeds? Give us a call today and come see what the fuss is about!

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