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One of the most important things in life is ensuring we meet our nutritional requirements. Poor diets can lead to low moods, health problems and gaining or losing unhealthy amounts of weight. But many Leeds professionals find they simply don’t have the time to formulate quality diet plans, and even when they do, they struggle to stick to them. This is where BPM Lab comes in. Our nutritional experts can help you get all the right nutrients and the correct number of calories to meet your long-term development goals, whether they be to lose weight, add muscle or get ready for an important sporting event.

All you need is Cardio, Strength, Balance and good Nutrition for Vitality in your life

Members coming to BPM Lab’s Leeds premises for the first time, in search of assistance with nutrition and diet plans, can expect to be asked questions regarding their current diets and lifestyles. When combined with our “MOT” health check-up, in which we’ll test your heart rate, weight, BMI, blood pressure and body composition, before conducting cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and pulmonary analysis, we’ll be able to figure out exactly the types of foods you should be avoiding, and the types of foods that you should be eating regularly.

Diet Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Obviously, not all our Leeds members have the same culinary palettes and while some may be omnivores, others are vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerant etc. That’s why our diet plans are bespoke and tailored to you and only you. You won’t get this level of personalisation with “one size fits all” diet plans out of a book found online or in a shop. What’s more, the one-on-one personal training, motivation and assistance we can offer you as you head into a new chapter of your life make BPM Lab’s solutions far more effective than many traditional diet plans that our Leeds clients have tried in the past.


BPM Lab now offers a series of online and offline services including courses. Please contact us on our usual numbers of ++44 7872 940 500 (Jenny) or ++44 7407 186 416 (Jon).

Interested in how personalised diet plans can help you reach weight loss, strength or cardio goals? Phone BPM Lab in Leeds. Call Jenny on ++44 7872 940 500 or Jon on ++44 7407 186 416.

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