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An Effective Alternative to Gyms in Leeds

Welcome to the website of BPM Lab. Based right in the centre of Leeds, we’re experts in health and well-being, offering tailored personal training solutions to those seeking an alternative to traditional gyms / gym membership. It’s our aim to help our clients get mentally and physically fit, and deal with ongoing issues like joint and back pain.


We’ll identify exactly the best way we can help you, whether it’s through cardio training, strength training, yoga and meditation classes, or the formation of nutritional diet plans that will help you accomplish your personal goals. We’re trained to a much higher standard than the industry norm, applying exercise physiology to help you make huge, positive differences to your life.

All you need is Cardio, Strength, Balance and good Nutrition for Vitality in your life

Whether you’re looking to get stronger, slimmer or deal with anxiety, depression or high levels of stress – BPM Lab can help you. Try us as an alternative to a standard Leeds gym membership and we’re sure you’ll be a convert! Many of our clients are busy professionals who need to optimise the time they spend in gyms by regularly making use of our bespoke personal training services, alongside carefully comprised diet plans that include all the nutrients they need to get where they want to be mentally and physically.


We’re currently offering a £10 first month class trial to all prospective clients in the Leeds area, meaning you can see exactly what makes us different to mass-market gyms around the city, without having to pay above the odds of a standard gym membership. BPM Lab is also offering a free health check “MOT” and seven day plan. This will see one of our personal training experts assess your physical and mental fitness, and suggest a week-long plan to work on any issues identified. But if you know exactly what you’re looking to accomplish, whether it be the alleviation of back pain or just losing some weight, come to us for an informal consultation and we’ll explain exactly how we can help.


One of the best parts of what we do, and what you won’t get at most gyms, is tracking your progress and providing insight into the results you’re getting. This can prove highly motivating, as we’ll make sense of exactly how far you’ve come and the physiological changes happening within your body. But to start off, know that all you’ll need is one single session to figure out exactly how we can help you, and so we can form a short, mid or long-term rehab plan. Please keep in mind that all consultations and diagnoses are 100% free of charge to all residents of Leeds and surrounding areas.

BPM Lab Specialises in…

• Yoga & Meditation

• Stress & Anxiety Alleviation

• Physical & Mental Coaching

• Fat Loss & Toning

• Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

• Personal Training

• Nutrition & Diet Plans

• Sport Specific Training

• Muscle & Joint Pain Rehab

• Help Battling Depression

About BPM Lab

BPM Lab is owned and run by Jen Edwards (++44 7872 940 500) and Jon Robinson (++44 7407 186 416). Jen is a spin obsessive who runs high-energy, loud and exciting spin classes that will help you lose weight at an extremely fast rate. Leeds clients love Jen’s classes for their sheer intensity. Jon is a qualified Sports Scientist, and uses this expertise to offer clients accurate diagnosis and highly effective treatments, whether they be for back pain, weight loss or strength building. With over 25 years’ experience keeping up with advancements within the field, Jon is an expert in musculoskeletal pain, and can also provide advice on cardio-pulmonary disease, pre/post-natal exercise and diet plans.


The company was founded following the sale of Jen and Jon’s previous gym, which was located in Shanghai, China. This business had distinguished itself from all other gyms in the city, winning TimeOut’s coveted Best Gym (Shanghai) Award 2014. The new venture, located here in Leeds city centre, has already won Move GB’s Best Gym Award 2016.


BPM Lab now offers a series of online and offline services including courses. Please contact us on our usual numbers of ++44 7872 940 500 (Jenny) or ++44 7407 186 416 (Jon).

For more information on how BPM Lab in Leeds can help you achieve your personal goals through effective personal training, call Jenny on ++44 7872 940 500 or Jon on ++44 7407 186 416.

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